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Camden Astronomy & Amateur

Telescope-Making Society

since 2018 renamed

Amateur Telescope Makers London

Many of us stare at the stars in wonder; some go further and buy themselves telescopes or binoculars to expand the view.Others get the urge to make their own telescopes and CATS exists to fulfill that need. Imagine the thrill of stargazing through a telescope of your own making. CATS is nationally unique and continues in its forty-second year at HCC.

CATS is affiliated to the Hampstead Scientific Society. The historic public observatory of the HSS is at the top of Hampstead. The well known Whitestone Pond is a nearby landmark. CATS has helped many aspiring astronomers to create their own instruments and to further their appreciation of the heavens' marvels.

Course members are provided with all the materials and professional guidance necessary to make a mirror for a reflecting telescope.Help and advice on the construction of the telescope's structure. How to set it up and how to use it. Previous experience is not necessary. Only everyday DIY tools are used. This is a hands-on course

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